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Missing Persons

If you have contact info for anyone on the list, please send it to the reunion committee via the "Contact Us" link. Thanks!


Babcock, Dave W.
Bilinski, Paul 
Cape, Steve 
Drury Jr., Henry 
Empett Herzog, Sue 
Flavin, Paul W.
Frey, Tim 
Griswold, Chuck 
Hannon, Ed 
Harris, Cindy L.
Heath, Julie 
Jasen, Chris J.
Krause Fowler, Patty 
Lawson, Ken C.
Licata, Americo (Rick) J.
Lorch, John A.
Richardson, Dale 
Schlageter Stadalius, Lisa A.
Schulz, Stewart M.
Schwartz, Scott 
Shallis, Steve 
Summell, Patty 
Van Buren, Kim 
Van Duser, Marty 
Van Dyne, Joan 
Wroblewski, Barb 
Zdanecis, Sandy 
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